A good time to create a bridal shower invitation is about four to six weeks before the wedding. It is essential to consider the time of day and theme when creating your invitations and to include a line for dietary needs and restrictions. Also, don’t forget to include a list of the bride’s favorite foods.

If the bride has not yet mailed out her invitations, she should send them a thank you note after the shower. Including an RSVP status is essential so the bride can send out thank you notes to her guests. If you do this, send your note within two weeks of the shower. Here are some tips to make your invitations more memorable:

First, your invitations should state who is throwing the party. Whether the event is at a restaurant or a park, include the host’s name on the invitation. A simple “hosted by” phrase may do. If the bride is an over-the-top romantic, consider using gold flakes and a rainbow watercolor background for your shower invitation. It will make your guests feel like the star of the show! You can also add an RSVP so that everyone knows where to go.

When sending invitations, make sure you do it well before the shower. Please send them to local guests four to six weeks before the party, but consider sending them to out-of-town guests a few weeks earlier. If you want to invite by post, include the RSVP deadline.

A great place to purchase your bridal shower invitations is Shutterfly. They offer a vast selection of bridal shower invitations. You can create a unique design and save it to your online account. You can also view the designs and select colors on Basic Invite. These designs are available in tea and square sizes. You can also check out Shutterfly’s selection of floral shower invitations for extra unique details.

Themes for bridal shower invitations can be as varied as the bride’s personality. Bright colors are perfect for a bubbly bride, so go ahead and use a colorful, modern design. Another option is to add a photo of the couple or a memorable engagement photo. Baby shower venue There are even themed bridal shower invitations available to match the event theme. For example, chalkboard or wedding dress bridal shower invitations are great options. There are even inspirational quotes written inside the cards.

Whether the shower will be more formal or casual, it’s essential to specify the dress code on the invitation. Including the dress code in the invitation will improve the photo opportunity. Guests can then choose their outfits accordingly. It’s best to follow the dress code. However, could you not make it too obvious? This way, the bride can enjoy the shower even more. If the bride’s mother has given her the green light, it’s okay to share a photograph of her guests at the event.

When sending invitations, keep in mind the time of the party. A bridal shower is usually held two to three months before the wedding, but some brides choose to have it two or three months before the wedding. In addition, the date should be convenient for the bride – ideally, it should coincide with her trip home. Guests arriving after the bridal shower can enjoy the bachelorette party afterward. You can even send an invitation through the mail.

In addition to the party time and location, bridal shower invitations should include RSVP information. The bride’s name and the date of the party should be included. You can also include the wedding registry information and the hosts’ names.