So how can you find the best food market in Dubai? Keep reading to learn more about these markets! And be sure to visit Global Village for the best shopping in town! Located in the Dubai Creek district, this famous food market features an array of foods worldwide. Afrobeats in Dubai
Waterfront Market

The Dubai Waterfront Market is an excellent place to pick up your favorite local produce. In addition to seasonal fruits and vegetables, this market also features fresh meat and poultry. Approximately 80 butchers offer a variety of meat and poultry products. Most of the meat is halal and is sourced from local, regional, and international farms. Vendors follow strict hygiene standards, and wide varieties are available. A variety of spices is available as well.

The Dubai Waterfront Market has reopened on Tuesday, April 28. It’s open to the public from 6 am to 10 pm and offers takeout and delivery from 12 pm to 7 pm and dining in until 10 pm. In addition to the reopening, the market has instituted various preventive health measures. From thermal scanning customers’ temperatures to installing hand sanitizer units, the market has undergone a thorough safety check.
Spice Souk

This market is located alongside the Gold Souk in the older part of the city. You can buy spices and speak to locals here. Here, you can also sample local and international cuisines. To find out more, check out We’ve gathered some tips to help you plan your visit to Dubai.

The Spice Souk is the biggest and most renowned food market in Dubai. The vast number of spices, herbs, and other ingredients in this market will satisfy the most demanding culinary enthusiast. Buying spices and herbs from the souk is a great way to negotiate their prices and find great bargains. Some top-rated goods include saffron, chili, cinnamon, and frankincense.
Al Karama

Located in the heart of Al Karama, this food market offers authentic, traditional Indian fare at affordable prices. Whether you are looking for biryani or classic Indian dishes, you’ll find them all at Golden Biryani. They also serve notable haleem and mutton chatpata, among other delicious options. Moreover, their dishes are made from fresh, local ingredients, making them an excellent choice for any occasion.

If you love to shop, you’ll be delighted with the wide selection of clothing, shoes, and accessories at Karama. The market’s road is lined with boutiques and stalls selling everything from fashion to sportswear and restaurants, caf├ęs, and more. You can use the metro to reach the market or ask the locals for the opening hours.
Global Village

The Global Village is a unique international market that features the best of the world’s cuisines and crafts. You can purchase unique souvenirs and taste the best of the country’s cuisine at its pavilions. The food and crafts pavilions include dishes from Russia, Egypt, and Pakistan. Each country’s pavilion has its unique flavors, and a chance to buy local produce is always a treat. Global Village is an excellent place for families to spend an afternoon and is not just for shopping.

The first phase of Global Village began as a handful of stalls on Dubai Creek. Today, it’s a massive complex extending into the outskirts of Dubai. Although only a tiny number of authentic products from each country are sold there, it still attracts locals and tourists dressed in traditional clothing. It’s worth noting, however, that women can’t wear shorts or other traditional clothing.
Farmer’s Market

From freshly baked bread to curds and jams, the market is a must-visit for Dubai visitors. The market also features freshly pressed fruit and vegetable juices and chutneys. We’ll tell you about our favorite spots for fresh produce.

Dubai’s first farmers’ market is like a haven for locals and expatriates alike. It was set up by a British expatriate three years ago after he realized how difficult it was to buy fresh local produce. The market is held on Friday mornings at the Emirates Towers hotel and consists of 30 vendors. The produce is sold at the lowest price and can last for a week.
Liban by Allo Beirut

A new Lebanese concept has opened in the Time Out Market Dubai, which serves a range of authentic dishes. Founded by the Black Spoon group behind Bombay Bungalow and Masti, Liban by Allo Beirut is part of the food market’s newest additions. It’s a casual dining experience that serves popular mezze, shawarma, grilled platters, fresh juices, etc.

Try Hattem Mattar’s classic brisket on toasted bread with spicy sauce if you’re a meat-lover. Mattar, who also owns Local Fire, has opened a permanent location for his meats. You’ll also find the best shawarma in the region at Liban by Allo Beirut. Guests are encouraged to bring their credit cards as credit card processing is now available at the food market. Soon, the market will also offer an app to order food.